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James Arthur Smith IV

James A Smith IV

As the owner and Director of WordSmith Records and Music Deal Publishing, Mr. Smith makes it a goal to work hands on with many projects that the label tackles. The main goal of our music label is to get music into the ears of new listeners and get artists the notoriety they deserve.

Most WordSmith Records contracts consist of the label helping with everything from band development to recording. This makes things a lot simpler and even makes productivity more efficient by knowing what’s been done and what needs to be done.

Every artist knows how much hard work it takes to get things moving musically and with this in mind, we take a huge weight off of many artist. Having a team of professionals helping to boost your music career makes things move a lot faster, and even allows music artists to handle their everyday lives without constant working on what to do next.

If you’re a music artist, submit your information for the chance of being a part of the WordSmith Family of musicians. A recording contract may be right around the corner for you, our A&R team is always on the lookout for new talent.

General Manager
Ashlee Smith

Ashlee Smith

Ashlee Smith is the record label’s general manager, she helps with many aspects of the company to make sure things go to plan. Ashlee has been with the label since 2012 and has come up with many plans to push the careers of our artists.

One of Ashlee’s most current projects with Wordsmith Records is the competition called The Battle for WordSmith. This is a music artist contest set for 2017 and it has a great reward for the winner. Several bands will compete for the chance of winning a recording contract with the Marion Illinois record label.

The first few rounds will be held in the Southern Illinois area and anyone can attend or submit information for a shot at the label's contract. After the first winner is chosen, the contest will move on to another location in order to seek that areas best in music. WordSmith Records wants anyone with music talent wanting a recording deal to sign up. Click below for more information. The Battle For WordSmith 2017 .

After your submission to The Battle for WordSmith, we will contact you with more details on the event. Good luck and hope to see you there!!!

The Team
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WordSmith Records is the Marion Illinois record label that brings you fresh new music talent and entertainment of all genres. The company provides agreat service for music performers, venues and fans. If you want new music, great songs and entertainment, then WordSmith Records is your ear candy.

Here are some services we provide:

Music Recording - Studio - Agent - Mix & Mastering - Record Label - Distribution - Music Publishing - Management - Advertising - Promoter - Graphics - Media - Photography - Booking - Marketing - Event Planning - A&R Scout - Sales - Band Development - Entertainment - Video Creation - Audio Engineering

Come check out some of WordSmith Records news and events about our artists and company. We are currently looking for entertainers, music bands and groups of all genres for this year. If you're looking for a chance at getting a recording contract or entertainment deal, we may have what you want! We provide services for both signed artists unsigned artists.

Any inquiries about the labels services, please go to the Contact Page and contact the appropriate WordSmith Records contact destination. Also, feel free to use the contact form for a faster response time.

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For services or booking our music acts, please fill out the bottom form or contact us by phone. We look forward to doing business with you. For The Battle for WordSmith or artists/band submission, use the forms below. Thank you


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